How to choose a right label for sew?

In-order to choose the right label for sewing first of all we need to see the product, as it is important to know whether sewing woven label will work on the product or not. As we can’t force sewing woven label to each and every products. So, analyse with the specialist like us, so that your products will look good and run a long, because label represent the image of the brands, size, care instruction and some times name of the owner.

If the label is creating  a problem for the customer then it might can damage the image of the brands. So, always go with the fabric if you have knowledge about it, else take a suggestion with a specialist. In-order to maintain the brand image of the product.

Why do we need label to sew?

It is not always necessary to go with woven sewing label, it depends on the products requirement. There are several other technique to represent brand name such as Print label, Embroidery, Paste or Glue the label etc. So, always go with the specialist to choose the right label, It could attach with the wash care, size or some other places based on the requirement of the products.

Importance of aesthetics?

More than a simple piece of fabric, a label represent the garment as well as image of the brand therefore visible to users and those around them. For example if someone like your product he simply ask for the brand name, in-order to check the brand name he will have to see your label. So why not combine utility with elegance?

You can take your labels in different colours, materials (fabric, leather, synthetic …), with embroidered, woven or printed according to the requirement of your products in terms of durability and aesthetics.

Sewing, Printing or Glue?

Go with your technical skills or take a suggestion from specialist because each and every products have their own requirements. Sewing a label requires a minimum of sewing knowledge, especially if you want to sew them on knitted or fabric with elastane, or make the seams invisible and without any discomfort to the wearer.

For those products who do not feel the soul of a needle professional, there are fortunately other techniques like print, iron-on labels, easy to apply thanks to a very hot iron and a square thermal paper.

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