Heat Seal labels

You don’t know how to sew but you still want to brand your clothes and linen ? You are a young designer and you need to brand your creations ? Do you own a business and you want your company clothes to be customized with your logo ? Our professional heat seal labels can do all that, in record time and in a simple way compared to woven labels and printed labels.

A label for professionals and individuals

Our Heat Seal labels can be used in a professional or domestic situation, but they will always be easy to apply.

Heat Seal labels to represent you brand

As a designer you know the importance of a visible brand and/or logo on the garments and accessories you want to commercialize. A heat seal label is easy to apply and needs no sewing. It is the best solution for small budgets and quick applications.

Heat seal labels to customize your work outfits

When your employees wear work outfits with the company logo, they will be easier to identify by your clients. It also creates unity and team spirit. Of course, it takes time to sew a label or logo on every outfit. With our professional heat seal labels, customizing your work outfits will become an easy and quick job.

Heat seal labels to label clothing

When you have several children, labelling their clothing before they go back to school or on a school trip, can be a big job. Our heat seal labels are easy to apply. Essential on any kind of garment that you don’t want to lose. These clothing labels will save you time. Our heat labels can also be used on linen, for instance when one of your loved ones must spend time in a hospital.

A label that is easy to apply

No need to sew ! Our heat seal labels are simple and easy to apply with a great result.

How do heat seal labels work ?

Here are 4 the steps to perfectly apply your heat seal label to your garment in under a minute :

  • Heat up you your iron without using the vapour option (you don’t need vapour to apply a heat seal label).
  • Place the label where you want it to be applied.
  • Cover the label with waxed paper.
  • Place the iron on the waxed paper for 20 seconds.

As easy as 1-2-3 !

Heat seal labels of Griffes Vivienne are of the highest quality

Quality is of the highest priority at Griffes Vivienne. If you choose sewing labels or heat seal labels, we will guarantee high quality products that will last and that will brand your garment the way you want it. With Griffes Viviennne you can choose from a wide range of colours.