Printed labels

Our printed clothing labels can be printed on different fabrics and in many different colours.
Printed clothing labels can be used to brand your creations, for laundry instructions, composition of the garment or any kind of information that you need to convey.

A label that will resist washing

Our printed labels can be safely machine washed without fading. However, if your labels will have to go through special treatments we advise to test the printed label beforehand.

Why choose a printed label instead of a woven label ?

Sometimes it is just the best choice as printed clothing labels are affordable, easy to produce in small quantities and quick to make. Printed labels are ideal for fashion start-ups that want to get their brand name out there.
They are also great for brands that produce special series that need several different looks and clothing labels.
But printed labels are mostly used for care labels that are often obligatory in several languages.

Is it possible to write on printed labels ?

This is an option that might be indispensable. For example, during fashion shows or theatre productions it is necessary to write on the clothing labels to match the garment with the model or actor.
It is also possible to have a printed label with tick boxes to indicate size.
There are many options to choose from.

A great label for children

Coton Ecru Compo

Our cotton printed clothing labels are very soft and comfortable to the skin, ideal for the delicate skin of children.

Printed labels on a black background

Our black printed labels can be produced with limited colours. In fact, our black labels are only printed in light grey on satin polyester quality.
However this is a classy and discrete combination. Also, on a dark garment a light-coloured label would stand out too much.

Our polyester printed labels

Most of our care labels are printed on a polyester base. This allows the designer to convey a lot of written information in small print. The polyester base will ensure perfect legibility.

A label for your lingerieous

Satin top Blanc

Our satin printed labels are ideal to use on lingerie and underwear as these labels are very soft to the skin.

Printed labels with adhesive backing

Sometimes it is impossible to sew your clothing label to your garment as the fabric doesn’t allow it or for any other reason. In this case the printed label with adhesive backing might be a great solution. They only exist in satin quality with a white background. You can choose from a wide range of print colours.

Harmonise with printed labels

With printed labels you can harmonize your brand label, care label and size label.
For a very affordable price you can create a unified look with the same quality and print colour for all your labels.