Are you a designer, creator or manufacturer looking for labels to highlight your products and give your own identity? Lurex labels are an ideal solution to make you stand out quickly because they are available in different shapes (like stars, cloud etc) and size.

Making your own labels: advantages

Re-assure the customer

Do you create clothing, accessories or other textile items and want to make them more professional? Woven lurex label gives a great contribution to this. If your labels are well cared or sewing at the right place, it indeed helps you to create a unique and quality brand identity. Your work will thus be recognized at its fair value. Personalizing your item with 100% tailor-made labels reassures the future buyer and gives a qualitative dimension to your item.

Create a separate identity

The label is meant to reflect your identity on your item like shirt, blouse, jumper or other textile home accessories. You can therefore choose the font, size, colors and fabric material (like cotton, polyester, satin, taffeta etc) to make it look the best on your item and perfectly match your brand values. Indeed, the labels help to make you known and to finish your creations perfectly. Using original and unique labels is a way to set yourself apart from your competition. Finally, the label also represents the opportunity to highlight your advantages like made in France or personalized with your name etc.

Lurex, what is it?


Lurex is a registered trademark of the Sildorex company. It is actually a polyester yarn that has a metallic appearance. This characteristic is due to a layer of aluminium, silver or gold, combined with the wire. This is called a metallic thread. To be precise, this process uses the vacuum manufacturing system which promotes the vaporization of metals on different supports. This yarn, invented in 1945, represents a way to add shine to a yarn and to give a more refined and dressed aspect to a garment. In small touches, it can give a certain originality to the product. Note that lurex is available in two different widths: 1 / 69th and 1 / 100th of an inch for a thickness of 12 microns.

Lurex labels

It is possible to personalize your item using lurex labels. Indeed, thanks to the metallic appearance thread, your labels will have a shiny side that will quickly catch the eye and make an impression towards your item or business. You can decline these labels in different colors for a tailor-made product. Finally, you can use lurex for the background and / or the writing. Many possibilities are possible depending on your expectations in terms of size, shape, finishes and rendering.

Lurex in fashion

Lurex makes your labels unique but it also has the particularity of quickly giving clothes and accessories a sparkling appearance apart. It can be used alone or in combination with other materials (like cotton, polyester, satin, taffeta etc) to give different effects to your item. The more it is used in quantity, the more the item offers a shiny and reinforced metallic aspect. Finally, lurex gives an elegant and dressed side but it can also be found in smaller touches in the everyday wardrobe for a trendy look. By opting the lurex labels, you can be sure that you are choosing a trendy material that is appreciated by all fashionistas.