We know that packaging is an essential to present or ship your products. It is also necessary to take care of the environmental impact from all our activities. So, here are 7 good reasons to choose our packaging for any shipment of your products.

Eco- friendly packaging

Eco- friendly cardboard packaging is one of the solutions to protect our environment. That is why we opted for this system which can take into account the needs of the customers as well as the sustainable.

Packaging from the natural products

Lots of research has been carried out in order to use the raw materials that can be biodegradable and recyclable. That is why we use packaging raw material from natural origin such as plants, wood, fruits etc for making the final packaging products such as box, bags etc.

Packaging from paper Kraft

Paper Kraft is known for its strength as it is made from wood and does not break easily while handling with machines during transport or shipping. This allows this type of paper to withstand any impact. So, we use this Kraft material in our packaging to support our environment and give customers a good eco- friendly solution for their packaging.

Plastic free packaging

As we are well aware plastic packaging is identified as responsible for many environmental problems. In addition, plastic substances take centuries to disintegrate completely and can be the source of many diseases. Using plastic-free packaging helps the environment and reduce the risks of contamination.

Economical packaging

Adopting eco-friendly cardboard packaging is a noble act of inestimable value for our environment: it is an effective way to participate in the protection of our universe. As said product is recyclable, it can be used for something else or simply be transformed to create new material. It is therefore a solution to reduce waste.

Standard packaging?

One of the advantages of our packaging is that you can find it in different forms or sizes: box, cardboard, envelope, bags or even wrapping paper. Thus, customers have the opportunity to send us specific requests. You can also get the personalization benefits of your orders with your company logo, address etc.

FSC certified packaging

The packaging respects internationally recognized standards. FSC certification guarantees customers that products comply with the conditions for good management and good use of forest production. The objective is to promote the ecological duty of everyone in everything they do, for the better future, economy and our ecosystem.

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