Hang Tags

The Hang Tag is the ultimate creative clothing label that will ensure the visual coherence of your brand. Hang Tags are often rectangular, but they can be made in any kind of shape, square, oval, round, customized or with rounded edges.

The Paper clothing tags or custom « hang tag »

Depending on your needs, our hang tags can be made in different paper weights for very different looks and textures. A transparent tag, a tag in textured paper, shiny, mat, embossed…

Will my hang tags be delivered with the cord attached?

To make life easier for you, most of our hang tags are delivered with the cord already attached. If you have your own cords and the equipment to attach them, you only need to inform us during your order.

Why should I choose a hang tag ?

After the woven clothing label, the hang tag is the most important label to professionally present your product. The hang tag is often the first thing a client sees in a boutique and a well-made hang tag tells a lot about a brand. A hang tag is also very suitable to convey information to the client, like a small text, the history of the brand or a slogan. The hang tag can truly be the key to success.

A seal, a pin or perhaps a chain ?

The fixture of the hang tag can be adapted to your style. The seal is very elegant and suitable to high end brands. If you are looking for something simpler, the pin will suit you very well. The chain suits a more « street » look.

The cord, important part of the finish

There many cords to choose from, just have a look at our « cords » page.

Hang tags with hot foil finish

placed on the tag for a perfect metallic finish. A finish that can’t be obtained by simply using pantone colours. This type of finish is usually applied to a smooth base.

Embossed hang tags

This procedure will give a great texture to your hang tags. We use this finish on a text or a logo. Embossing can be combined with a hot foil finish.

Paper hang tags with a satin, mat or shiny finish

The paper hang tag will be laminated with a plastic film. The finish can be satin, mat or shiny depending on the plastic that is used. A satin finish is nice to the touch. Careful though with black hang tags and a shiny finish; fingerprints will be visible under light.