Fashion works on a worldwide market, and the labelling of clothing is one of the key branded tools to help your business stand out from the crowd. The labels you choose to employ or the mix of labels you use have distinct advantages and downsides to anything.

Woven labels, which are stitched into the garment right below the collar, serve as a continual reminder of your brand’s identity. It’s the critical reference place on a garment that everyone knows to look for information about the brand and sizing and care instructions. As a result, they play a crucial role in your entire marketing, brand recognition, and garment branding.


Clothing label: Sustain to long lasting

Woven labels are unique in authority and have brand imaging throughout the lives of the garment, which is also an essential factor in promoting brand recognition. In comparison, hangtags are removed before the purchaser’s first use of the item and printed brand labels and transfers, which are supposed to stay on the thing and fade over time. Woven labelling, produced similarly to any cloth, is made using weaving looms that combine electronically designed warp and weft threads. The woven labels are available in a range of yarn colours and fabric qualities, such as satin, taffeta and damask.

Labels based on your requirement

Collaboration is essential to our work. It also applies to the woven label process, which starts with determining your graphic and practical objectives before focusing on the right yarn colours, weaves quality, and label finish. The produced artwork is then used to represent the final product’s brief. This two-dimensional model illustrates the appearance of the label and is the foundation for prototype samples.


Once the finished version of your woven labels has been selected, it will be produced to demanding quality requirements that ensure consistency over different delivery pathways and places. The brands’ identities will be widely regarded and consistent regardless of the point of sale.


Minimalism has long been a recognized focus in the design of woven labels, integrating soft, natural colours, clear lines of content, and high definition (low denier) yarns into a delicate and modest design. Because of its collar position, the soft labels tend to work with subtle texture, and damask weaving gives a more detailed feeling than any other and gives a high-end feel.


In Griffes Vivienne, We deal with companies of all sizes and in a variety of places. In delivering a successful final product, we recognize the necessity of flexibility, cooperation and communication. If brand identity is contained in the product that we develop for you, you can trust us to understand its means and value for your brand success.