woven labels

Our woven clothing labels are manufactured on a Jacquard loom. Woven labels are amongst the oldest types of labels. If you choose a woven label you choose tradition but also quality and flexibility. Woven labels offer many possibilities to fashion designers, clothing manufacturers and other professionals that needs to brand their clothes or accessories with their custom clothing label.

Woven labels, the choice of luxury

The machines that are used to make the woven labels are quite impressive. They are very large which is necessary for an immaculate result. Woven labels can be adapted to suit all your creations.
The biggest fashion designers only use woven clothing labels.

Contrary to printed labels, woven labels can be made in many different colours, with different backgrounds, forms, textures or folds.

Why choose Griffes Vivienne ?

At Griffes Vivienne, we manufacture our woven labels respecting the rules of the art. That is why we use Jacquard looms.

The biggest names in the fashion industry trust us to create their woven clothing labels.

A perfect and original finish

When you decide to use woven labels, there are some unique finishes to choose from. For example, you can choose a laser cut for a unique shape. We can also add an iridescent, metallic thread (Lurex) to give your label an original look that will make your woven brand label stand out from the competition.

Woven clothing labels are very versatile. Remember that the quality of your label is a big part of your visual communication. Your clients should recognize and remember your brand label at first glance!

Different materials

We manufacture high quality woven label. We can create the most complex custom woven labels by using different colours, etc.

We offer different materials and finishes for your convenience:

  • Extra high definition finish
  • High definition finish
  • Cotton finish
  • Satin finish
  • Taffeta finish

We can also provide woven labels in natural linen, a finish that is very pleasant to the touch.