The OFFSET printed Hang Tags are available with cords

  • Our cords are the perfect finish for your hang tags. They will allow you to further customize your artwork and creations.
  • Our cords are only delivered with OFFSET printed hang tags (minimum 5000 pieces), see OFFSET Hang Tags

Cotton cords for hang tags

coton blanc

Cotton Cord White

coton corde

Cotton Cord Pearl

coton noir

Cotton Cord Black

coton turquoise

Cotton Cord Turquoise

coton jaune

Cotton Cord Yellow

coton parme

Cotton Cord Parme

coton rouge

Cotton Cord Red

Waxed cords for hang tags

coton ciré blanc

Waxed Cord White

coton ciré ecru

Waxed Cord Ecru

coton ciré gris

Waxed Cord Orange

coton ciré orange

Waxed Cord Tobacco

coton ciré tabac

Waxed Cord Tobacco

coton ciré turquoise

Waxed Cord Turquoise

Linen cords for hang tags

lin 1

Linen Cord – 1

Linen Cord – 2

lin 3

Linen Cord – 3

Rayon twist cords for hang tags

rayon beige

Rayon Twist Cord Beige

rayon blanc

Rayon Twist Cord White

rayon gris

Rayon Twist Cord Grey

rayon noir

Rayon Twist Cord Black

rayon bleu marin

Rayon Twist Cord Navy Blue

rayon bordeaux

Rayon Twist Cord Burgundy

rayon olive

Rayon Twist Cord Olive

rayon lila

Rayon Twist Cord Lilac

rayon violet

Rayon Twist Cord Violet

rayon vanille

Rayon Twist Cord Vanilla

Rayon Twist Cord Brass