Sewing labels

Our sewing labels can be used professionally and domestically. They are ideal for professionals in the fashion industry wanting to brand their creations or individuals that simply need to label their linen and accessories. They can also be used to customize workwear with the company logo. Our sewing labels can be used in any kind of situation.

A sewing label for linen and accessories

Do you need to label your clothes or the clothes of your loved ones ? Do you need to label a bag, linen or any other garment or item ? Our sewing labels are perfect to label any kind of textile.

Why label your clothes and accessories ?

They are many reasons why you should label your clothes. For example, for a school trip to avoid your children’s’ clothes getting mixed up. Especially if your children wear school uniforms.
Labelling clothing and linen can also be very useful for people that must stay in long-term care.

Why choose sewing labels ?

There are other options to label your clothing and linen, but they don’t have the same quality and durability as sewing labels. Sewing labels won’t damage your linen and will stay on for years.
Another advantage is that you can take them off easily, so that you can give clothing that don’t fit your children anymore, to younger brothers, sisters or friends. Contrary to heat seal labels it is very easy to take them off, you simple undo the stitches.

A clothing label for professional use

etiquettes A coudre

All our clothing labels are made with care so that all your creations look their very best.

Custom clothing labels for your brand

A sewing label will allow you to personalize your creations with your brand name or your logo. Just tell us what you need, and we will provide you with a large choice of sewing labels. We can manufacture your labels in many different colours, so you can coordinate your clothing labels perfectly with your garments and the identity of your brand.

Sewing labels to indicate size and washing instructions

Sewing labels are also used as size labels and of course to indicate washing instructions : dry-clean only, hand wash, machine wash, water temperature or if it is possible to iron the garment or not, etc.

What sewing label should I choose ?

etiquettes a coudre

You can choose between woven labels or printed labels.

Woven sewing labels

Our Woven sewing labels are specifically suitable for high end fashion but also for more affordable clothing lines. They will add a touch of elegance to any creation. They are also available in many different background colours.

Printed sewing labels

Our Printed sewing labels are perfect for young designers as well as for budget clothing lines. Printed labels cost less than woven labels but they have a simpler feel and look than woven clothing labels. Printed sewing labels are available with a white, black or ecru background.