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Did you say clothing label ?

No matter the activity (luxury prêt-a-porter, fashion, high-fashion, lingerie, work outfits, children), we will provide our clients with custom clothing labels that will make their creations look their very best. Our clothing labels can be sewed on clothing in leather or fabric, sports articles and even on furniture fabric (cushions, chair seats…).

When you have your clothing label manufactured by us, you will have access to all our experience and expertise.
If you provide us with your logo, text and colours (file type pdf or jpg…), we will provide you with a personal quote.
Please contact us, for more information by using our contact form : Ask for a quote.

Woven clothing labels are the most commonly known labels. Their history is closely related to the industrialisation of clothing manufacturing. Woven labels are always made on a Jacquard loom, with high quality threads.

These immense machines do impress, not only because of their size but mostly because of the quality of their products.
Our woven labels are suitable for any type of clothing, from affordable to high end fashion. In the fashion industry, most designers use woven labels for their clothing and accessories.

Woven clothing labels can be customized in many ways, cut and folded but also with an adhesive backing, with a heat seal or as a ribbon….In any case happy clients every time!

Printed labels can be printed on different materials : white or ecru cotton, white or black satin, polyester or polyamide.

Ideal for all your creations!

Our printed labels can be washed, and tumble dried without fading. Our labels are printed with care. Printed labels can only be printed on a white, black or ecru background !

Our printed labels on black satin can only be printed in light grey.

Brand labels, care labels with laundry symbols, with QR code….anything is possible !

Printed labels with adhesive backing can only be printed on satin. Adhesive labels are perfect for a quick application and removal. No sewing necessary !

Hang tags are ideal for create a truly custom clothing label !
Hang tags will ensure a coherent look and you can really let your brand logo stand out. A hang tag is great to transmit information, not only your logo, but also your brand name and any other information that you might like to transmit.
Griffes Vivienne creates original and quality hang tags, combining print techniques with different kinds of paper.
To finish your hang tag, we also provide a large choice of fixtures, cords, pins (black, silver or gold) and customized seals.

Woven heat seal labels are quick and easy to apply. You only need a hot iron.
Heat seal labels are often used for children’s’ clothes ! An easy to use product that is applied with an iron!
You can choose your text and a fun little logo that your children will easily recognize. They can be applied on different fabrics.
Our professional heat seal labels are also used in case of a manufacturing delay!
Quick to produce and to deliver.
Woven sewing labels are essential to the professionals of the fashion industry that need a recognizable label for their creations.
Woven sewing labels can be completely personalized with different qualities, colours, cuts…so that they can be adapted to fit any kind of garment and placement, in a seam, in the neck or on a pocket……
Our woven sewing labels resist washing and wear and tear.




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