Plastic seals

Give you hang tag the perfect finish with your own personal seal

The best way to fix the hang tag to your garments is the custom plastic seal !
The seal can be moulded with you own logo to make your hang tag stand out even more.



impression numerique

Material : Plastic moulding

Effect : Glossy plastic

Finish: Possible shapes : square, round, oval, rectangular…

Colours seal: Pantone colours

Colours logo/brand  : 1 to 2 colours maximum

Attachable to following cords : Twisted, waxed cotton, polyester braided, waxed cotton braided … (others on demand)

Quantity : minimum 5 000 pieces

Delivery time  : 10-15 days for prototypes / 4 weeks after approval for manufacturing

Côté technique:

Nos sceaux sont réalisés par une technique bien présice: l’injection!

The plastic is moulded in a special shape (square, round, oval, rectangular….) depending on the needs of our clients.

The cords:

The seal can be combined with a very strong cord and a lock.

Once closed, your seal cannot be opened. This will provide extra security for your garment.

The colours:

You seal can be made in several Pantone colours.

You will be presented all the possible colours during the creation of your prototype.

If you need your brand name or logo moulded on the seal, in 1 or more colours, please contact us for the possibilities.