Adding your brand logo on products with the help of a label might help people recognize them as yours right away. However, if you’re attempting to start your own business, you’ll need to know how to print a brand logo on the clothes while maintaining the range of products you want.

Transfer Print

We can print your logo on transfer paper, which is a specialized material. This can be done with a regular inkjet printer because everything miraculous takes place on the paper. After printed your logo on the transfer paper, all you have to do now is iron it onto the cloth.

Block Print

This is a very simple printing method. We’ll need a wooden block with your logo engraved onto it to use this approach. Print after putting dye on the block. That’s how simple it is.

Roller Print

This approach is beneficial if we want to make a repeat design or if we want to make a large batch of labels. First, we’ve got a roller with your brand engraved on it, generally made of iron or another material. After that, we fill the roller with ink and run it across the required material, leaving your logo on the label.

Screen Print

In recent years, screen printing has grown in popularity. Its most basic version entails spreading the label material on a table and covering it with a screen created by draping gauze over a frame. The ink paste is then applied to the frame, and the ink is spread about with the tool (net screen) to cover the whole surface. The process is then repeated with other colours and screens on the same required label material.


Heat transfer print

This method of printing leaves no texture at all. Then, on a special transfer paper, your logo is printed. This will then be super-heated (with the iron used in transfer printing at high temperatures), and an enormous amount of pressure is applied. This allows specialized inks to penetrate deeply into the label textile fibers and create a connection, and both become the same.


Embroidery label

It is not so much like printing a logo on the label, but indeed an alternative approach to making your brand visible. For example, this may be done to make the logo very modest or to make the logo appear to be embossed and considerably elevated from the material.