In the fashion clothing industry, there are unique label models. But the labels in the heat transfer forms are becoming more and more important. The labels are an option for traditional sew-on labels and badges. The graphics are directly printed on the clothing, and it is a feasible printing method. The heat transfer technique guarantees that the design is integrated without compromising the garment quality. Let us take a look at the relevance of heat transfer labels in the clothing business.


Get a delightful glimpse

A photography quality that improves the product’s overall appearance is the ex-factor of the heat transfer label. As a result, the text comes out more sharply, and the overall print is fineness. In addition, the brighter, more delicate appearance gives a better commitment to customers. Heat transfer labels are suitable for activewear and rugged textiles such as denim and T-shirts etc.


Display a variety of colours

HTL are available in a broad range of colours and sizes to fulfil the demands and desires of customers. In addition, the heat transfer technique can simultaneously print different colours on a single piece of clothing. The tone, stripe, and pattern of each colour match precisely with the way to make garments come alive.


Quick printing

In only a few seconds, HTL may be printed on the textiles in the form of full-colour pictures. It’s a straightforward and time-saving approach. Companies, therefore, may get their bulk order without delay and can start the Garments labelling procedure early.


Do not get fade

HTL are long-lasting, durable and do not get fade quickly. This is because the ink of the heat transfer systems is pretty powerful that immediately transmits bonds to the fabric fibre. So, the print will not peel or break due to this; the label will appear to be part of the original design. In addition, these labels are resistant to elements such as temperature and moisture. Despite countless washings, they are very resistant to chemicals and do not lose their luminosity.


Adaptable to a wide range of fabrics

HTL are ideal for all types of materials, whether synthetic, silk, nylon, woollen, cotton etc. Moreover, they offer a clean, smooth finish to the clothing, which attracts attention. Therefore, the customer read all the crucial information mentioned about the garment.


Safe for the human body

We offer high-quality colours that are skin pleasant. Those labels do not make people feel itching or roughness.


Increase sophistication

Branding should be an essential element of the packaging if you are to make your fashion brand stand out. They add to the brand image when we talk about heat transfer labelling. These labels show a level of design advanced ness that cannot be achieved with etiquette. When customers notice that the manner you provide vital brand information is different, they feel that every detail is significant.


Enhances sustainable development

The labelling of heat transfer is favourable to the environment. The colours are soluble in water and need very little energy. They are non-toxic and help with environmental activities.


HTL are fantastic branding solutions for the fashion industry that do not require woven or printed labels to attract customers. On clothes, whether it is athletic t-shirts, baby bodysuits, or winter thermal wear, the mix of printing and Pantone colours looks fascinating.


In Griffes Vivienne, we are producing high-resolution, environmentally friendly heat transfer labels. So, if you are searching for high-quality heat transfer labels, get in touch with us and let your brand stand out among the crowd.