The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has created two different regulations that control the information necessary on garment labels. According to the Textile and Wool Acts, clothing labels must provide three pieces of information: fiber composition, country of origin, maker, importer, or dealer. In addition, the Care Labeling Rule mandates that the garment’s care instructions be disclosed as well. Each of the four essential pieces of data has its own set of parameters.

Material contents

According to the FTC, the fiber composition of apparel goods covered by the Textile and Wool Acts must be listed on labels in descending order of proportion. Therefore, it is not necessary to incorporate non-fibrous materials like buttons and zippers. For fibers that do not have a functional role in the garment, a 5% rule is imposed. If nylon is included (functional importance) for durability, but the attire consists of just 4% nylon, It should be reported; nevertheless, if a few non-functional fibres, they may be published in full as a percentage and be marked “other fibers.” Trimmings and ornamental elements that make up less than 15% of the garment, like braiding and belting, are free from labelling regulations. Ornamentation of less than 5% of the garment is likewise prohibited. However, the term “Exclusive of Ornamentation” must come after the percentages and fibers. Linings should be specified individually. Fibers generic names should be used.

Country of origin

According to the Textile and Wool Acts, clothing labels must also state the nation of origin of the fabric. Therefore, only products manufactured in France and using French materials can be branded “Made in France.” When the material used to manufacture the garment is imported, “Made in France from imported material” should be indicated.

Manufacturer details

According to the FTC, labels must also identify the maker, importer, or other entity managing the product’s corporate name or registered identification number (RN). Companies that produce, import, or otherwise handle textiles are given RN by the FTC. The name or the RN of the producer, the distributor and the retailer may indicate if the goods are imported.

Care instruction of the Garments

Under the Care Labeling Rule of the FTC, clothing must have labels to provide customer care recommendations. In addition, the instructions should be thorough and precise to ensure the clothing’s life. Finally, it should be stated if there is any risk of damage to the clothing.

Labelling placement

All labelling information requested may be contained on a label or individual labels. Like size of the garment, information can be placed on the same label as long as it does not detract from the essential information. The same type size, and style must be used to list fiber content. Until the garment reaches the consumer, the label must be attached. The country of origin mark must be located on the inner center or near the center of any garment with a neck. Other labels must be visible and easily accessible.