Luxury fashion is a constantly developing business, but the greatest details may sometimes be found in old processes that have been passed down from generation to generation, carrying centuries of culture and beautiful design with them.


Handmade Embroidery

It is an old craft method that involves applying thread or yarn to the cloth or other materials using a needle. Other materials, such as pearls, beads, feathers, and crystals, might also be used. Embroidery may be seen on anything from caps, hats, jackets, and blankets to shirts, jeans, skirts, and stockings in the luxury fashion industry today, but it can also be found on furniture. This method may be used with a broad range of thread or yarn colours.


Types of stitches

Chain stitch, buttonhole or blanket stitch, running stitch, satin stitch, and cross-stitch are some of the most fundamental methods or stitches used in luxury fashion hand embroidery. These stitches have been the earliest and are still the most important hand embroidery stitching techniques today.


Sewing methods

It evolved due to tailoring, patching, repairing, and reinforcing material, and the ornamental possibilities led to the birth of embroidered art in luxury fashion. The consistency of fundamental embroidery stitches has improved dramatically in recent years.

There were no material or technique modifications in the history of embroidery that could be sensed as fundamental advances from a primitive to a more sophisticated phase. Yet, on the other hand, we frequently discover the technical skill and a high degree of craft in early works that are rarely found in subsequent works. As a result, it is critical to conserving this art’s priceless old knowledge.


Greek mythology

The goddess Athena was said to be the guardian of embroidery skills and weaving in Greek mythology. She would later face Arachne, a young and attractive mortal, in a competition for the finest embroiderer and weaver.



Embroidery is a global art form. In Sweden’s migration clothing (300-700 AD), the ranks of the garnish bands are strengthened with a running thread, backstitch, stitch of a stem, buttonholes and whip stitching, although it is unknown that this piece supports the seams or should be seen as ornamental sticking.


The most prestigious names in luxury fashion utilize this excellent method to create their masterpieces in the modern world. As a result, many high-end companies have produced now-iconic designs that are inspired by the beauty and craftsmanship of this unique art form. This design method was essential to several of them, and they used it in almost all of their works.


We can’t dispute that embroidery has had a lasting impression on the world of luxury fashion. Here in Griffes Vivienne we provide handmade embroidery labels and patches to make your brand unique and prestigious.