Woven labels are commonly used by high-end fashion brands because they appear more professional, appealing, and bespoke than other types of clothing labels. They are, nonetheless, used on a variety of objects other than clothing. Their goal is to provide you with a special way to express your uniqueness, so there are countless ways you can use your labels! To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite ideas:


Wearing Products

If you’re using your labels for uniforms, this may seem self-evident, but why not take a look through your closet to see if there are any clothes that you don’t like? Instead of discarding them away, attach labels to them and they will appear to be brand new! This is an excellent way to obtain clothing with the precise design you need.


Cover your album with label

Instead of just printing your album cover, why not use a label? This will add another layer of texture to your cover, making it stand out from the crowd.


Labels for Paper bag

To add additional value and produce a more eye-catching product for your brand, labels can be conveniently attached to paper bags. Your bags would be easily recognizable if you use labels.


Labels for Furniture

Sofa manufacturers often use woven labels on the sides of their furniture to distinguish their goods and make them more easily recognizable.


Stickers replacement

Labels can easily be manufactured with adhesive support so that stickers can be entirely replaced as advertising products.


Labels for Weddings

To make your wedding unforgettable, you can design a logo for your wedding and have it woven into labels to stick on presents! Having a distinctive label is a great way to start your new wedding life together with your beloved.


Label for Shoes

Depending on the appearance you want; Labels can be sewn either inside or on the outside of your shoes. Putting labels on your shoes will make your outfit more intriguing and draw the attention of people.


Labels for Socks

Socks are tedious and easy to misplace. Sewing a distinct label on your socks is a wonderful way to keep track of them! Each one will recognize them as yours, and socks are an excellent piece of clothing for accessorizing.


Labels for Backpacks or bags

Common colours and design bags can sometimes be lost in the crowded place. Sewing your woven labels into your backpacks to express your unique style and ensure that everyone knows it belongs to you.