In both woven and printed labels, these fold styles are very common:


Flat fold:

These labels lay flat on your garments, giving them a smooth, crisp edge. They’re usually found in the inside collar of clothing for sizing tags or name logos.


End fold:

These labels are similar to flat labels, but they have an additional seam allowance applied to both sides, which giving them a smoother look and enabling the label to stand out further.


Centre fold:

The label’s top and bottom are both secured before being folded into the middle. This helps you to provide additional details on the label, such as washing instruction, care marks, country of origin, or the kinds of materials used to produce the items.


Book fold:

The seam allowance is rolled upward, similar to a centre fold. They’re usually put on the sleeves. Book fold labels are extremely common because they are the simplest to apply to ready-made garments. If you like, your logo can be seen from all sides of the label, or you can also have two separate logos on either side. This is excellent for ads or attracting more attention to the logo. If you’d like to learn more about this, please contact us!


Mitre fold:

These have been flipped over and up at a 90-degree angle. This is a less popular choice, but it helps you to quickly hang the product from the label if desired. This can only be done if your product is light in weight; otherwise, the label can tear. Mitre fold labels, which stick out the most and rub the most of all the styles of labels, will irritate sensitive skin.

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