In France, the label market is essential. You can choose organic cotton or standard quality cotton labels or tag. Different qualities of cotton exist depending on the requirement of your clothing brand. You can personalise your cotton label based on the personalised garment.


Provide the product detail

A label has several functions:

  1. It provides users or consumers with essential information on the materials used, manufacturer and recommended washing techniques to keep clothes for a long time.
  2. You can add a size label to your garment that could be printed or weave based on the requirement.
  3. Several marking techniques exist depending on your text.

You can send us your design, or we can create a design for you with the help of our designing team.


Choice of label

For personalised labels, you can choose for a printed label with fast delivery or a woven label, more upscale and better quality. There are affordable labels as well as custom printed labels in your required colours. For large orders or small orders, the brand which seeks to increase its reach opt for weaving labels, whereas if they want something fast, the printing option is best for them. Our printed labels are made in France.


Hidden labels

The label is often sewn inside the garment to hide it and indicate the composition of a textile garment. They are available for all textiles: sweaters, T-shirts, jackets, pants, sweatshirts, polo shirts etc. For the composition label, cotton or satin is recommended. But there is another material, for example, the leather label, often used for jeans or a specific model? Just give us a call or use the personalised quote form for your label design. Each order is subjected to a detailed brief and excellent follow-up.


Cotton quality for the label

All projects are studied, the most classic with a label on a white background. The information is more easily read, whether it is a printed cotton label or a woven label. The personalisation of the title is made according to your choice. All our brands in cotton quality come from traced production lines to meet the standards, with the Oeko-Tex label in particular. Textile inks are ecological for quality sewing clothing labels that respect the environment.

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