FISH AND CHIC, knitted in France with Amour.

FISH AND CHIC knits sweaters and fine knits according to the seasons. But also plaids for the House. Rebel, its collections are authentic and can be worn in the city as well as in the countryside, the sea or the mountains. They reflect the tastes and inspirations of the brand’s creator, Carole Doreau, who wishes to create an exemplary product by favouring exceptional materials and 100% French manufacturing. She makes it a point of honour. Launched in 2011, FISH AND CHIC is now enjoying great success in France, Europe and Japan.


“The road is life” Jack Kerouac

FISH AND CHIC loves the unknown and the wild lands where she ventures to find her inspiration. Her first geographic love at first sight was Brittany, and more exactly Finistère and its raw cliffs, its changeable sea, its high tides, its clean air, its light. A lover of fishermen and the open sea that she enjoys exploring on a silent sailboat, FISH AND CHIC smells of iodine and freedom. No wonder its logo is a fish. On the land side, it is in Vermont, in the United States, that she would put her bags down if she had to move. For its endless fields, its verdant forests, its winding paths, its old remote farms that are crumbling with their “farmers” straight out of an old American movie. In Morocco, she is inspired by colors, music, architecture. FISH AND CHIC collects sketchbooks in which she paints and draws all of her odysseys. They are the starting point of his collections which transform into knits and knitting stitches the reliefs and colours of all these natural and unique landscapes.

très bonne rentrée