Atelier Mélodie Boitard specializes in tailor-made clothing. Mélodie and Gaëlle create and assemble in their Parisian workshop unique pieces respecting your desires, your body type and your budget, for all requests and occasions. Demanding on the quality of the products, they naturally called on Griffes Vivienne for their finishes.

How they works?

The meeting with Mélodie

Mélodie Boitard offers you a first meeting in her workshop, to better understand your needs and talk about the product you want to have manufactured.

The goal is to conceptualize a unique work adapted to your means. Girls will be your trusted Styling advice. With a very keen eye and experience, you will be oriented towards the best.

The heart stroke

If this first exchange provokes a “crush”, if it enchants you, the project is validated.
The specifications are then established, we define the product (s), we choose the colours, cuts, fabrics and all the details…
Your measurements are taken at the time of this appointment, using specialized tools.

To know more ?

Nothing’s easier ! Just contact the girls on 06 24 25 61 32, or write an email: