Today we will not speak of ready-to-wear, but poetry. Besides, it would even be better not to say anything, to be content to watch, contemplate and appreciate. The time does not need words. We are faced over time. The love is there, palpable. Our lives testify to this.



Path of a lifetime

1940, your grandfather’s coat that you never knew. 75, years later, you wear it proudly, in the harsh winters. This piece has stood the test of time. It has known war, the birth of your father, rain, wind and urban violence. You think of his life and claim this coat is priceless. If you wear it, then your son will wear it and so will your grandson, who knows. It is the elegance of passing time, the elegance of change.




You have to create it. Without talking too much, you have to concentrate. Without dreaming too much, you have to deliver and edit. Well, rather re-edit. 75, years have passed, the world has changed, but men haven’t. The almost identical patronage remains pragmatic and close to that of 1940. The length of the lapels remains the same. We have thick wool today the choices of fabrics are multiple. The fabrics are British (Maison Moon). The label is in high definition cotton, Griffes Vivienne is responsible for it, other than the fabrics, it is possible to choose the shape of the pockets, the length of the coat and the sleeves. Each coat is the customer’s choice. Each piece is unique, made with intense passion, a tender revolt without violence or hatred, but not without a fight.



Time is the pleasure of life

We made it, but in peace and serenity, with desire and pleasure. Far from the standards of globalization, It is produced on demand. No stock, no made in china, no exploitation!
The Slow Made manufacturing method devotes the necessary time to the development of the product. Élégance de la Révolte had already drawn the attention of L’Uomo Vogue Italia, which devotes an article dedicated to these timeless coats.