Today we are interested in the world of Fleur Charderon. The creator of “Curliz creation” has agreed to answer our questions.



Hello Fleur, what is your background?

I studied textile design in Lyon and then in Toulouse, until I developed a powerful affinity with sewing.

How did you come into this business??

I started to create a few articles but being very perfectionist, I found it difficult to sell not very finished articles. So I graduated as a seamstress. I started my sewing business (creations, alterations and sewing lessons) a year ago when I moved to the south of France in Perpignan.



What is your creation’s USP?

I create colorful handmade products made in France for everyone and especially for the little ones. Color is an important aspect of my work. I can use it in all its richness in children’s articles or birth gifts. What could be better than a colorful and useful gift to celebrate the arrival of a little one?




Which fabric do you prefer and how do you work?

I like fabrics from various horizons that I select with care, often when traveling abroad. I am sensitive to the originality, the fantasy or the poetry of the patterns.

Thank you for answering our questions so kindly, see you soon with us…


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