Today, we decided to present to you some very original labels. We can easily tell ourselves that in the business of clothing labels, nothing is funny but it is not true at all!

We even laugh a lot… Among ourselves, with our customers, we have a blast, because good humour is essential in all sectors of activity. But what makes us laugh a lot are some wacky requests… When you come across satin or cotton composition labels that are completely crazy, you can’t help but share them with you.

Here are a few. If you have others, please share with us, we are interested!

étiquette composition comique Always wash your butt
Drôle d'étiquette vertement Note that this garment is flammable, so it does not correspond to firefighters…

It’s obvious but not for everyone apparently… so this mark specifies on its thread label that you must ALWAYS clean your backside (yes yes the buttocks)

composition comique fabriqué sur terreMade on earth

In case you are in doubt, this garment that washes at 30 ° C was indeed made on earth. It must be so original that we can ask ourselves the question.

etiquette de composition que fait peur label that will have warned you in case of injury

It is important to do prevention, even in the field of ready-to-wear. So for those in whom it overflows, be very careful. Also note the spelling error in “ÉCLAIRE”

étiquette satin composition verte Pretty impressive label

It seems that this green coloured tag is so well hidden in the garment, that it is necessary to warn the customer about it and to congratulate him once it is found.

funny-clothing-tags-laundry-labels-8__605Do not wear for sumo wrestling

We will have seen it all… No, this label does not discriminate, it is simply that this garment is not made for sumo wrestling. Nor should it be done for cockfighting or fighting in general… besides, it’s wrong to fight.


This is my favourite. Here is a good advice given by a brand, if you do not understand anything about washing issues: “give this garment to your mom. She will know what to do with it”.


Is it really necessary to run a loom for such an obvious tip? If it’s funny, why not! wash this garment when it is dirty… Well yes not when it is clean.

Promised, if I find any new ones, I’ll share it with you

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