Do you know the brand ALINE’S FASHION? It is the story of a young girl passionate about the elegance of women and passionate about animals. ALINE’S FASHION is a brand born from a passion for animals, a fight against fur and a taste for the elegance of women.
Aline loves furry animals like us but she can’t stand being hurt.
After long studies in fashion design/pattern making at ESMOD, this lovely young girl set out to create her brand.
She has developed a line of female and canine accessories around her passions. Her VEGAN philosophy has driven her not to use any product from animals or their farms.
At ALINE’S FASHION, you will understand that there is only fake fur and that’s good!
You will also find English fabrics of the “Liberty” type or fabrics with original patterns; see for example Chapkas, chokers, pouches, cuffs, sleeves and gaiters.
Everything is made with meticulousness by hand. All the pieces are unique. Some creations can be made to measure according to the needs of each one, so you can choose your fabric, your materials and many other details.
Here are some creations signed by Aline, which you will find on her website






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facebook: Aline’s Fashion Faux Fur

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