Clothing professionals such as seamstresses, but also ready-to-wear or even lingerie companies wishing to sell their own brand, can protect their design and indicate their brand name or logo with clothing labels.

The clothing label, a brand for creation?

When a garment professional has ensured that the finishes of his product are perfect, he should never forget to put a label on the inside of a garment or in the corner of a laundry room. This label is the guarantee for the professional side of a brand. It makes it possible to be recognizable among many others because the logo is unique. It is also good to know that the law of clothing labelling makes compulsory the names of textile fibers used for all European textile products. Other markings, such as maintenance advice, for example, are optional. The brand of the company as much as it is purely commercial.

Clothing label at Griffes Vivienne

At Griffes Vivienne, the clothing label and the professional clothing label have been produced for more than 50 years. Whatever the field of activity, the labels to be sew on clothes are personalized and customizable, highlight the creations of lingerie product, ready-to-wear but also haute couture. Some are woven (cut & sew) and others are printed based on the need of the products. They can also be make to affixed for the use of sporting goods, cushions, armchairs and other upholstery.

The most common clothing label

The most common clothing label is the woven fabric label. It is made on Jacquard type looms and with very good quality threads. Each label is very high-end and goes as well for the world of fashion as for the world of workwear. They are cut and fold according to the need of the customers and can also be self-adhesive or heat-sealed. Size, print, colour are easily available based on the need of the brand.

The printed label

The printed label is made mostly on cotton, satin, polyester or polyamide. It must be printed on a white or ecru background or on black to be legible enough. As on woven labels, it is possible to print wash care symbols, QR code, some other required information etc. The self-adhesive printed label can only be made on satin but available in all colours. It is practical and does not need to be sew.
There are other options like cardboard labels as well as iron-on labels that can be used for different media.

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