Do you produce the products and seek to provide the added quality value by accompanying it with a personalized label? Whether you are a designer of clothing, accessories or other fashion products, the cardboard label can be a great support in order to provide information to the customer about your products or business. Griffes Vivienne is available for you with the high quality range of special labels for all your products or business.

Why do we use a label?

Bring a professional look to  your brand or business

When you start your business, your first goal is to make yourself known. To do this, the label that accompanies the product or the creation is a proven method. In this way you can add value to your business and create your own identity, like using a business logo or a particular font label. Having labels on your products also gives you more credibility and helps build customer loyalty towards your business or product.

Give information about the product

The label can be a way to describe, for example, the composition of a garment. You can also indicate the place of manufacture. With the trend of handmade and made in France, this can only help you stand out and make your product unique. Finally, this label can be a storyteller: like, you can write a short text telling the success story of your brand in order to better educate the customer about your business.

How to choose your labels?

The choice of your label type is essential since it must be in line with your product and your business identity. You must first start by determining a budget for these according to your financial capacities. Like, if you are just starting out, printed, sew-on labels can be a good solution, as they are indeed less expensive to buy than others. However, with experience, if you want to take it to the next level, there are many types of labels. Today you have woven, printed, cardboard, iron-on or sew-on labels. It’s up to you to make the best choice according to your product requirement!

Choice of cardboard labels

Why choose this solution?

The cardboard label is an ideal solution to demonstrate your creativity in the form of cards, paper etc. This type of label can have a thickness which varies according to its use. Its surface can also be smooth or printed. As regards the finishes, one can obtain, like, matt or gloss. It’s up to you. In any case, the cardboard label or “hang tag” is very important to accompany your design. Along with the woven label, it is one of the first things that customers see in the store when they pick up a product. You can enter a text or a slogan. Everything is done to help you to make your product special and stand out from your competitors.

The possible shapes

In general, you will find cardboard labels in rectangular form, but today we can see different variations depending on your business requirement and your target customers. The square label remains a great classic in this area, but the round or star-shaped labels are also available. Like, correspond to a younger clientele who pays attention to such details. In any case, once again choose a label that matches your business. Everything must be visually coherent.

What fixing method for cardboard labels?

The cardboard label is a great marketing or packaging tool for your business. However, how will you attach them to your products? The simplest and most popular is to make a hole in your label and pass with a string or cord through it to attach to your design. However, depending on the desired design, you can also opt for another clip. The pin is the simplest technique and the chain gives a more modern design. Either way, remember to always prioritize quality to provide a tailor-made finish to your product.