Printed labels

While some are enjoying the summer holidays, others have already finished buying school products. There is a puzzle! You must mark your child’s clothes and materials. So a print label is one of the fastest easy options available. It can quickly become a chore. Fortunately, many sites now offer printed labels, stickers for children. Discover this solution with Griffes Vivienne, so as not to lose a single product of your child.

Printed labels for clothing

You will find all kinds of printed labels with high quality for your business or individual with lots of attractive shape, design, size and full range of these labels. These will become necessary when you have a child for example in primary school. If she is in kindergarten, then it is essential to write down everything like name, address etc. Indeed, the mistress and her A.T.S.E.M cannot control everything and at the end of the day, they may not know whose clothes is, worse, the blanket and pacifier. Instead of writing everything down and taking forever, go for etiquette. The most easy is the self-adhesive personalised label. You can put it on all smooth surfaces. You will even have the one that is sticky in the shoes. Everything is thought out so as not to lose anything.
But for clothes, now you have the choice to use the printed labels, iron-on labels etc. They are indeed posed, thanks to the iron, they are glue free, waterproof, easy to read & use, available in different designs, shapes and sizes according to customer requirement. You also can personalise it, available with all printing techniques and support the washing machine easily. Plus, they can come off  with no adhesive mark, so, if you want to sell the product or just give it to another child. It is a perfect and easy solution with no longer time.

Timeless: personalised woven printed label

The woven sewing label is always popular. You will come across many suppliers of woven labels. But be careful and not to be disappointed. Indeed, you could receive a badly printed label. You have in effect a transfer of the writing of your self made choice on the woven label. All you have to do is create your personalised woven label yourself. Even if you’re not a great seamstress, you can get started. To customize it’s woven label, you need to print your child’s first name, address etc on transfer paper. Consider writing it in mirror mode. Use your fabric, for example, ribbon and iron the transfer paper over it. Then you just need to sew it on the garment. This method will allow you to have personalised woven labels. Finally, there are woven labels for designers with high quality and different shapes, sizes. They are often cotton, which has no irritation to the skin. In addition, you will have high end quality. Whether printed or woven, the labels will be useful for your child’s back to school. So, order now based on your product requirement.

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