The customisation of your clothes by textile transfer offers you many advantages to promote your brand. If you’re still not decided, here are 7 good reasons for you, might change your mind.

1 – Dress your team with textile transfers

By dressing your employees with textiles wearing your brand name, your staff develops a sense of belonging. The team feels more involved to fully invest in your company. Plus, it’s easier for customers to understand who is and isn’t employed in your business. Their experience is made more pleasant by facilitating exchanges.

2 – Convey your brand image with textile transfers

Textile transfers are an excellent way of communication to promote your brand. They allow it to be put forward by affixing well-defined logos. These methods give high precision results. Intricate patterns can be chosen respecting all the details and colour gradients. Thus, your advertising message is clear and readable. It reflects the quality of your work.

3 – Thank to retain your customers with textile transfers

Offering a textile to your most loyal customers allows them to be rewarded. They will be happy to wear it and talk about it to those around them. Nothing better than your customers to convey your brand image.

4 – Communicate sustainably with textile transfers

Screen printing, digital and sublimation printing are techniques that make all your textile transfers withstand washing. They will promote your brand in the long term.

5 – Create an unique textile transfers

The different processes used such as screen printing, digital or sublimation transfer allow you to make a custom print. You can create your own design: photo, logo, writing… If you use it for an exceptional event, you can add texture to your transfer: a 3D effect, shiny or even reflective.

6 – Respect the environment with textile transfers

Most of our techniques are eco-responsible. We use products that respect the environment as well as your health. All our 3D transfers are Oeko-Tex 100 certified. This label ensures that no harmful substance is used during this process.