Why premium woven label is a best choice for luxury clothing industry?

Professional premium labelling plays a significant role same as marketing, pricing, and packaging to put the brand with a great deal of power. Labelling provides brand recognition tags, which have essential product attributes. It is one of the significant marketing facts which is mainly carried out by numerous organisations, in particular the garment business. It helps to stand out from the other brands and to appear professional, which draws prospective clients.


Different forms of the label are now available to publicize the brand. Premium woven labels are however popular with the textile business. The luxury woven labels are woven into a fabric item. We manufacture premium woven labels using classy fabrics, including silk, cotton, satin and polyester, comfortable, sleek, and luxurious sensations when you touch your skin with them. Griffes Vivienne is a leading supplier of premium woven labels in Paris for the last 50 years.


We make sustainable clothing labels. We may also use polyester yarn manufactured from plastic bottles up to 100% recycled, which decreases the carbon footprint. Since premium woven labels are more and more favoured every day, therefore different styles of woven labels are available in the market. Brand managers and marketing managers should select premium woven labels depending on their budgets for brand advertising, their target demographic, products details and brand identity. Choose an appropriate clothing label that is suitable for your products. So, here we go:


1. Recycled Woven Label
It is one of the newest developments in the label industry, to produce sustainable and eco-friendly premium woven labels in 100% recycled yarn made from plastic bottles. We offer these premium woven labels in the same look and feel but they have a must lower impact on the environment. Our innovative brand experts design these woven labels that are made under the prevailing fashion trends and market demands, making us one of the respectable and leading woven labels suppliers in Paris, France.


2. Damask Woven Label
It is the most commonly used premium woven label. It brings more clarity by defining fine images or texts. These labels are weaved at a slow pace, with finer yarns and higher density. It gives a uniform weave, with added durability. In Damask Woven Label we can also use Silk yarn to have glossy surfaces bringing superb quality to complement brands. Being a premium woven labels provider in Paris, we provide silk yarn labels that are soft and smooth.


3. Satin Woven Label
In comparison to rich fabrics like damask, satin clothing labels are usually less expensive. They bring a lustrous, shiny, smooth, soft appearance, and feel. Due to its softer attributes, the satin woven label is perceived as a richer option, and hence, used in more prestigious applications. They are the optimum choice for infant garments to reinforce the perception of softness. At Griffes Vivienne, neutral colours are easily available for Satin woven labels.


4. Taffeta Woven Label
Last, but not the least, Taffeta woven label holds the utmost importance because of its lower cost. These labels are woven with a plain weave base, producing a stable and durable level.


So, you have plenty to pick from, just try one of them and we bet you consent to that woven premium label will bring a finishing touch to your garment. Their classic and professional approach distinguishes you from ordinary labels.

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