Griffes Vivienne produce GOTS-certified organic cotton apparel labels, which are suitable for ethical businesses.


The clothing business has radically transformed in recent years, and organic cotton labels are being produced to suit the growing market demand.


Consumers have been more sensitive in recent years about where their clothes originate from, how they’re obtained, and how long it takes to make them. Consequently, we’re equipping organic clothing companies with cutting-edge garment labels that reflect their core principles.


Organic cotton labels aren’t merely utilized to check a box by organic apparel companies. Clothing labels have the name of your brand, communicate and assist build your reputation for your brand. For all these reasons, labels must stay tightly affixed to clothing for its whole lifetime. It is essential that the partners for clothing packaging can provide high-quality brands on time and within budget.


What distinguishes our organic cotton clothing labels from others?

We are a Paris based labelling firm known as the world’s leading standard for organic textile processing in line with the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).


We appreciate the continuously changing demands of the supply chain in fashion with over 40 years of expertise. We are dedicated to fully explore the organic label sector as a pioneering labelling supplier. Tell us about your company’s values and product specifications, and we’ll do our best to satisfy them.


To make organic packaging, we follow stringent sourcing guidelines. We use OEKO TEX 100 certified inks and organic cotton yarn produced from socially responsible mills certified by GOTS.


Griffes Vivienne combines high-grade materials with advanced weaving technology to make organic cotton garment labels at the fastest possible pace and with the greatest possible quality. We also employ a cutting-edge translation engine to ensure that we can communicate in your native tongue.


Every order placed with us is tracked by our proprietary supply chain system, allowing clients to see precisely where their labels are. We can also have a full view of our suppliers and subcontractors to know where everything comes from. Because of this openness, merchants may regain control of their supplier relationships.


We deal with various retail businesses and can create organic cotton garment labels to fit a variety of budgets. Ordering garment labels is all about volume, and Griffes Vivienne employs different cost-cutting tactics dependent on the amount of your purchase.


Griffes Vivienne is committed to providing a transparent service and is built on a foundation of honesty and integrity. We’ve never lost sight of our brand principles.