Are you thinking of launching your garment or home furniture collection and you want to bring perfect finishes with high quality refined labels? Do you want to renew the brand image of your products with new labels? Jacquard weaving can be the perfect way to customize your design. Discover this method in detail with us.

Jacquard weaving, what is it?


Know to start that the jacquard does not describe a material but rather a weaving effect created by Joseph Marie Jacquard, heir to the Lyon tradition who first used the Jacquard loom in 1801. Thanks to this weaving, you can create various designs and colours with different fabrics quality like cotton, polyester, silk etc with the use of intersecting threads. Indeed, the design is not printed but woven. With the threads crisscrossing the warp and the weft, you can immediately give relief and refinement to the whole. This is an effective way to make designs that are both fine and unique. These are thus geometric and form an integral part of the fabric on which they are woven.

The advantages of Jacquard weaving

In sewing, this technique is often used because it has many advantages. First of all, it can be used on different materials, such as cotton, polyester, viscose or even silk. You can therefore choose according to your product and according to the desired design effect. In addition, the variety of designs is important. You can use many colors or patterns you want. It is also a way of increasing the strength and thickness of the product being woven. It is not fragile and can be washed by hand or in the washing machine. The Jacquard weave gives the label an elegant and noble appearance.

How to use the Jacquard?

The uses of this weave are diverse. Indeed, you can find it in clothing but also in accessories, interior decoration and numerous other products. You can also do Jacquard weaving to get customized and elegant textile labels.

The choice of Jacquard woven labels

Labels with elegance

Jacquard woven labels are among the oldest. Opting for this technique means continuing the tradition but also choosing quality and originality. Indeed, you can personalize it according to your brand and your product thanks to the colors and designs offered. The work carried out by the weaving machines is impressive in precision. You can therefore choose a very specific design. It is also an obvious way of showing your professionalism and your level of quality. For example, big fashion designers or brands exclusively use this type of label.

Quality first

By making Jacquard woven labels, you can be sure of obtaining a unique level of finish. You can have different levels of quality: everything is possible according to your product needs and desires. Indeed, you can use laser cutting to obtain the shape and size of your choice but also use thread to personalize the writing or the design. The goal is to set you apart from the competition with a personal and original label. The label is part of your brand’s communication, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is important that future customers can recognize you just by the label placed on your products.

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