The fashion industry is one of the world’s most carbon-intensive industries, accounting for 8-10% of global emissions. Poor industrial techniques may contaminate land and water, making this a serious concern for our natural environment. To aid the environment and guarantee that you produce superior eco-friendly clothes, you may begin by selecting sustainable, eco-friendly labels and hangtags.

Here are eco-friendly options your company may use to transition to developing a sustainable fashion line and do your part to assist the environment.

  • Hangtag made from FSC certified papers
  • Eco-friendly labels made from Organic Cotton and recycled polyester
  • Eco-friendly leather patches made from recycled leather

Hangtag made from FSC certified papers

You may choose to eco-friendly hangtags option – made of certified papers from FSC. If the FSC mark appears on tickets or packaging, you may be confident that the hangtags were made using recycled paper or sustainable forests. We believe that maintaining excellent quality and attractiveness is arguably just as important to success as embracing sustainability for any business. But let’s not turn you off with the ‘recycled’ element. Hangtag doesn’t necessarily need to have flecked effects with a gritty texture, depending on your chosen materials.

You may choose from various colours, coatings, and applications, all made from recycled paper. Furthermore, recycling paper and reusing it to create fresh hangtag consumes 30-50 per cent less energy than producing paper from trees. As a result, you’ll undoubtedly be doing your part as a sustainable brand.

Eco-friendly labels made from Organic Cotton and recycled polyester

The brand can also switch to organic cotton for your apparel labels, made from certificated sources under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), without any lack of quality. Organic cotton has a lower environmental effect and is not genetically engineered. Organic cotton is cultivated on the ground, and there is time to remove harmful residues. It is also produced without artificial fertilizers and is not subjected to chemical treatment during growth, processing, or packing.

Another environmentally friendly alternative for sustainable woven labels is to utilize a collection made entirely of recycled polyester. The jacquard-effect woven label shown above is composed of PES, a polyester created from recycled bottles. As a result, you not only receive a stylish logo trim, but you also help your company make a move to more environmentally friendly materials.

Eco-friendly leather patches made from recycled leather

Recycled leather is another environmentally friendly alternative for your business that retains all of the benefits of genuine leather. For instance, you may make patches from recycled leather. The patches consisted of mulching offcuts in wasted leather and applying a bonding agent to crush the pulp. This is the material that your brand may utilize to replace leather.

The effects you may add aren’t limited like they are with other eco-friendly options. Recycled leather, for instance, may still be heat debossed, printed, overprinted and more.