Silicone heat transfer labels are long-lasting, environmentally safe labels that employ silicone to create a raised 3D impression on retail apparel or wholesale bags. These high-quality tags are highly stretchy silicone with a 3D look attached to nearly any fabric or clothing. They’re soft and pleasant to the touch, and they don’t fade even when cleaned in harsh conditions. Silicone heat transfer labels are printed using a heat transfer method, which maximizes the waterproof and skin-friendly properties. After quality testing, we utilize non-toxic silicone material. Logos are available in a wide range of colours and sizes.


The procedure is simple to carry out. Lay the logo of the silicone heat transfer labels on the garment surface and heat it for a few seconds, and the logo will be securely transferred to the clothing. Silicone heat transfer labels may be applied to various materials, including clothes, hats, shoes, bags, and other accessories. It will be a different method of weaving from the usual one. Cotton cloth, synthetic leather, waterproof nylon fabric, and suede leather are other acceptable materials. It may also be applied to sports series such as purses, gloves, luggage, and travel bags, among other things. It is an excellent option for clients who want to personalize their items.

3D silicone heat transfer labels are made by Griffes Vivienne. We’re experienced, and our facilities are also advanced. We can adapt to meet your needs if you have a design in mind. Labels of various forms let your company stand out.


Silicone heat transfer label’s specifications:

  • Type of label: main
  • 3D effect.
  • Type of product: Garment labels
  • Silicone/rubber is the material.
  • Customized colour
  • Comfortable and soft feel
  • Process: Heat transfer, hot stamping, screen printing, embossing/raising, encapsulating, and sewing are all options; unique logos are also available.
  • Features: Environmentally friendly, washable, stretchable, strong adhesive, and wear-resistant.
  • Price varies depending on quantity, size, materials, and technique.
  • Clothing, luggage, shoes, purses, travel bags, gloves, toys, caps, baby garments, sports equipment or sportswear etc., are examples of applications.


Our benefits:

  • Our expert design team will provide the complete solution. Mould design and sampling experts will work with you to provide accurate pricing and create samples promptly.
  • It is not hazardous to humans or the environment due to high grade, environmentally safe silicone material and comprehensive quality testing.
  • High-quality, affordable, and on-time delivery from a dependable and professional supplier.
  • Customize the logo for the customer. The buyer selects the size and colour of the item. Samples are available.