Printing paper hang tags : Offset or Digital

We can produce full colour « flyers » on standard or special paper

Our design department adapts all designs to a usable format.
To respond to our clients’ needs we have also developed a department that specializes in offset or digital printing.
We can also provide different types of attachments and fixtures : simple perforations, simple cords, a cord with fixture, plastic tagging barbs, a seal….

impression numerique

Finish : All possible shapes : round, diamond, triangle…

Colour possibilities : 1 to 4 colours, gradients possible

Fixtures : Colours cords (depending on choice) / pins (gold or silver) / seal

Weight : 350gr or more (limited choice of paper)

Quantity : minimum 1000 pieces

Delivery time  : 3 weeks after Proof approval

Printed hang tag | OFFSET PRINTING

These printed tags, in OFFSET quality are specifically aimed at fashion and textile professionals that want to develop a « hang tag » (paper label).

Attached to the garment by a small cord, these hang tags are ideal to identify a brand.

etiquettes cartons offset

OFFSET full colour printing + Laminated (thickness 500gr) + Transparent paper + Pink satin cord + Eyelet

OFFSET printing

Large choice of cords and safety pins (including manual)

Colours : Only Pantone

Weight : depending on your needs 350 gr or over

Number of colours : 1, 2, 3 or 4 colours, gradient possible

Shapes : All shapes possible (round, diamond, triangle etc).

Quantity : Minimum 5000 pieces

Delivery time  : 5 weeks after Proof confirmation

Other examples | OFFSET PRINTING

Impression carton OFFSET

Printed paper card OFFSET (350gr) + Recycled cotton + Chestnut waxed cord

Impression carton OFFSET ruban noir

OFFSET printed (350gr) + Black ribbon + “textured” ink + Glossy paper

etiquettes cartons quatre couleurs

4 colour OFFSET printing + Ecru natural card (350gr) + Cotton ecru ribbon 3mm

Printed hang tag | DIGITAL PRINTING

Printed clothing labels on paper

Printed card clothing labels, DIGITALLY printed, are accessible for everyone. They are used in the ready-to-wear collections, ordered in small quantities (minimum 1000 pieces) and delivered with black or white cords (delivered separately).
This type of label is great to identify your brand.

impression numerique

Digital Printing

The printed colours will approach the colours on the example sent by PDF.

Fixtures : black or white only (delivered separately)

Weight : Depending on your needs 350 gr or over

Number of colours : 1, 2, 3 or 4 couleurs, gradients possible

Shape : All shapes possible (round, diamond, triangle etc)

Quantity : Minimum 1000 pieces
Delivery date  : 15 days after Proof confirmation

Other examples | DIGITAL PRINTING

etiquettes cartons une couleur

Paper clothing label (350 gr) 1 colour

etiquettes cartons deux couleurs

Paper clothing label (350 gr) 2 colours

With Screen Printing you can give your printed hang tags or logo an interesting texture

 Please contact us by telephone for more information.

Micro-injection is a screen printing process.

One colour is placed on top of another with the help of a rubber or felt mould.

Look : Textured

Background : Transparent or in colour

Text colour  : Many possibilities

Width : Depending on choice

Length : Depending on choice
Quantity : Minimum 1000 pieces

Delivery time : 5 to 6 weeks

micro injection